Sara Fajira doesn’t came out of nowhere. Long before Tresna, her first 1st Album released in 2022, Sara has made long journey through sweet and sour as musician. For years, She learn how to resist stage fright, discipline, her style and her attitude as singer.

In 2022, Sara Fajira desired to give a more concreted contribution in Indonesia music with releasing her First Solo Album Tresna. Her trademark which feature Indonesia traditional pentatonic music elements, differentiate her music with other contemporaries. Tresna highlighting Sara Fajira as an Indonesian pop musician that could bring her own music, with mixed of traditional music, to the international market.

Nowaday, Sara Fajira has reincarnate herself as a digital age Javanese aristocratic princess, dressing in a futuristic fashion, patterned on Indonesian traditional clothing and ready to bring “the world under her spell”.


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